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We transform the systems department into a profit generation center

sticky notes on corkboard
sticky notes on corkboard

ECMDynamics: efficiency and growth

Like many IT consulting firms, we help companies stabilize and optimize their technology platforms. Unlike most other firms, we can also help clients positioned and interested in frontline innovation go “beyond efficiency” to monetize their information technologies and data, creating new revenue streams and /or accelerating their existing business models.

person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer

We drive results with technology

Traditional IT strategies generate many efficiencies for organizations that invest time and effort in them. Processes are automated, systems are implemented to collect key organizational data, and reports are standardized to analyze and communicate that data. These are valuable achievements for an organization and many of these capabilities have become requirements for operating in the 21st century. Keeping operations running smoothly is certainly a good thing. The efficiency is good. But ECMDynamics doesn't conform to the IT approach that most industries have followed since the last century. We innovate beyond efficiency to contribute to the company's results.

woman placing sticky notes on wall
woman placing sticky notes on wall

Why Choose ECMDynamics?

Our approach ensures that prerequisite phases are completed successively. As much as business leaders want to immediately jump into “Digital Transformation” (and as much as many consultants are happy to sell services to do so), our experience tells us that companies that do not possess the necessary IT capabilities and stability simply do not are ready to transform your organization's business model. We find the highest leverage points at which to invest in technology to get real business results. As with all worthwhile things, generating income or revolutionizing your industry with technological capabilities requires significant effort and preparation. We seek to build trust first and maintain that trust throughout the journey as your trusted IT strategic advisors. Whether the best approach for your organization is a top-down strategic digital transformation or bottom-up innovation, our experts will guide and/or drive you through it to drive real business results.

About ECMDynamics

The ultimate goal of digital disruption occurs when a company's innovation has changed its cost model, supply chain, and/or delivery chain so much that it can rewrite the economic rules of its industry, allowing it to serve customers in ways or at prices that its competitors cannot sustain, leading to enormous growth in market share. We have accessible financing to justify capital investments and transformation. ECMDynamics is a partner of Eleqtus Germany and has more than 20 years of global experience and more than 100 satisfied customers.


ECMDynamics is an IT consultancy that provides strategy and leadership consulting to small and medium-sized organizations:

IT Assessments and Due Diligence

Technology strategy roadmaps, including:

Startup IT Strategy

Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence

Virtual CIO Services

Interim CIO Services

Cybersecurity Consulting

IT advice for the board of directors and the C-suite

We have built a consulting network of over 100 successful former C-level IT leaders, from whom we choose the best fit for each client's needs and technology vision based on technical knowledge and industry experience. We further empower these expert consultants with our award-winning innovation framework and subscribed library of IT solutions best practices to guide quick, insightful actions.

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